Tucked along Olde Wadsworth Boulevard in Olde Town Arvada, Steve's custom processes your wild game on site.  If you have never tried us, it might be time for a change.  Bring in your big game animal or frozen meat (some restrictions apply) from previous years and enjoy the excellent sausage and jerky, 30 different types to choose from.  All of the recipes are custom created by Steve himself and your tastebuds will appreciate his efforts! All products are gluten and MSG free!!!

**Due to the large volume of business during the peak season, there are limitations on what is accepted for processing**


  • Frozen carcass (if we cannot cut it — we cannot take it!)
  • Boneless meat (deboned carcass or trim/previously processed meat for custom products)
  • Bear for custom (basic processing only Oct-Jan)
  • Animals with the hide still on (only accept animals with hides in Sep/Oct, based on space)



Online reservation required                                                      

for ALL drop offs!

(up to 2 days in advance)

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Wild Game Processing


We process deer, elk, moose, antelope, bear (custom only during Sep.), buffalo, mountain lion, big horn sheep, mountain goat, wild boar (anything else)? All animals MUST have a carcass tag attached (refer to state requirements) or receipt from private ranch, NO EXCEPTIONS.

All steak cuts are boneless and include Tenderloins (whole), Loins (a.k.a. backstraps, butterflied), Sirloins, and Rounds. We recommend a thickness of 3/4 inch and we package for a family of three (approximately 1-1/2 lb packs). Roasts come from the shoulders, are approximately 2-3 lb each, and are netted for easier cooking. Shank and neck meat are ground for burger, sausage, and/or jerky. An average whole animal will yield about 55% of the hanging weight (based on care taken in the field).

Packaging, Labeling & Freezing

All steaks and roasts are vacuum packed (NOT FREEZER WRAPPED) to ensure freshness & longevity. All packs are professionally labeled with the animal type and specific cut. All meat is packaged and frozen immediately.

Burger is packaged in a 1 lb (approx.) poly-chub. Sausage and Jerky are packaged as shown on our processing price list. Burger is double ground and we recommend adding 10% beef or pork suet for flavor and consistency.

For your convenience, Steve's Meat Market is open seasonally, September to end of January.


**Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has been detected in several states in elk and deer. Steve's Meat Market, Inc. will not knowingly accept any animal showing signs or symptoms of CWD. We will report any suspicious animal to Colorado Parks & Wildlife. We can in no way guarantee your animal does or does not have CWD and we do not assume responsibility for testing or failure to test for CWD. For further information on CWD and testing, call Colorado Parks & Wildlife at (303)297-1192 or visit their web site at www.wildlife.state.co.us


Processing Fees

All Big Game$60 min
Whole OR Quartered Carcass$1.50 per lb x hanging wt.
Quarters With Loins/Tenders/Trim$1.75 per lb x hanging wt.
Frozen Carcass (NA Nov)+30 cents per lb
Deboned Meat
(NA Nov)
$2.50 per lb (burger only - NO primal cuts)
Cleaning Fee
(if needed)
+15 cents per lb (min. $15)
Rush Fee20% upcharge (min $60)

Includes: Boneless Steaks, Roasts & Grind. Vacuum packaged & Frozen


Skinning Charge

Antelope$50 if available
Deer$75 if available
Elk/Moose$100 if available

Custom Products

Breakfast Links
Jalapeno Ch. Log
Jalapeno Ch. Links **
Cheddar Dogs** $5.10 per lb.
Ground Jerky ‣ Mild ‣ Black Pepper
‣ Red Pepper ‣ Teriyaki
‣ Sweet & Hot ‣ Jalapeno
‣ XXX (spicy)
$12.00 per lb.
Snack Stix ‣ Pepperoni ‣ Teriyaki
‣ Jalapeno ‣ Hunter
$9.75 per lb.
‣ Pepperoni Cheese (mozzarella)
‣ Jalapeno Cheese (cheddar)
$10.25 per lb.

** Weight before cooking    Prices and products are subject to change at any time.  ALL PRODUCTS ARE GLUTEN AND MSG FREE. 

We reserve the right to refuse Wild Game Meat due to noncompliance of our quality guidelines.

Bacon Burger

2 lb. in = 3 lb. out

Sausage, Stix, JBC Burger

1 lb. in = 2 lb. out

Ground Jerky

2 lb. in = 1 lb. out



11 lb. in = 19 lb. out

1 lb. Bacon Burger, 1 lb. JBC Burger, 1 lb. Breakfast Bulk, 1 lb. Italian Bulk, 1 lb. Chorizo Bulk, 1 lb. Breakfast Link, 1 lb. Italian Link, 1 lb. Polish Link, 1 lb. Salami, 1 lb. Summer,  1 lb. Jalapeno Cheese Log, 1 lb. Cheddar Dogs, 1 lb. Old Style Franks, 1 lb. Bratwurst, 1 lb. Smoked German, 1 lb. Chorizo Link, 1 lb. Jalapeno Cheddar Link, 1 lb. Jerky, 1 lb. Stix

SPECIAL!! $80.00  ($99.00 Value)

LIMIT 2 SAMPLERS PER ANIMAL AT THIS SPECIAL PRICE (addl. samplers are at regular price)




All of our recipes are proprietary; therefore, a full ingredient list is not available.  However, if you have specific ingredient questions you may inquire with management.  Please note that our recipes CANNOT be altered to accommodate specific dietary requests.  All products are gluten and MSG free.


CAUTION:  Wild game animals are not inspected.  These animals are WILD which means their diet and/or activity is not monitored.  Their diet includes wild grasses, weeds, nuts, acorns, flowers, etc.  If you have severe allergies to these types of items, then you must use discretion when eating wild meat.

The following are known major allergens (recognized by USDA Food Safety & Inspection Services-FSIS) used in facilities where we obtain our ingredients:

  • Dairy
  • Soy
  • Wheat

If you are concerned about the allergens listed above (or those that may not be listed) we recommend you not eat meat processed in our facility.

DISCLAIMER:  Steve's Meat Market, Inc. makes every attempt to identify ingredients containing known allergens. While we do take steps to minimize the risk of cross contamination between product types, we cannot guarantee that any of our products are safe to customer's with food allergies. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ALLERGIC REACTION AFTER CONSUMING OUR PRODUCT. 

Freezer Storage Fee


When we opened our business at this location in 1990, our production of game was at an easily manageable number. We were able to negotiate a pickup date with our customers with some flexibility. Within five years, our game processing business had grown by 200%. It was at this time we had to develop a "storage fee" policy to ensure that we were able to take the maximum number of carcasses daily, trusting that the orders would be picked up in a timely manner. Even though our freezer is 75 ft x 12 ft, we are at capacity during the hunting season at any given time. This is the nature of a seasonal business, as some of you may know.  

The "storage fee" that we charge to store your animal and keep it frozen is minimal compared to the inconvenience that it creates when we have to minimize the number of carcasses coming in, ultimately effecting other hunters who also want to drop off a carcass.

Our typical turn-around time for processing during the peak season is approximately 1 week. At the time the animal is dropped off, you are given a specific pick-up date and pick-up hours for the specific pick-up date.  Our "storage fees" are explained and this information will also be printed on your copy of the work order, which is signed by the person that you entrusted to drop off your meat. If the meat is dropped off by someone other than the hunter, it will be the hunter's responsibility to get a copy of the claim ticket and understand the pick-up procedure so that we can try to accommodate as many hunters as possible. We understand that things come up and you can't get to the shop...it happens to all of us, but please comply with the policy and pay the fee so that you can get home and enjoy the meat, and we can get another animal into the freezer! We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding of this policy!  

Order Changes



Your carcass/meat will be assigned a tracking number at the time of drop off.  You will be given a copy of your work order (also referred to as your claim ticket) when the meat is dropped off and this must be presented when the meat is picked up. This copy proves ownership of the meat. The original work order will be secured to the carcass/meat once it has been cleaned and it goes into the cooler. As the meat is deboned and cleaned, the work order will travel with the primals and/or trim throughout the process. While not impossible, it is extremely time consuming to try and locate a particular order when it is in the processing stage since the work order is secured to the meat in a cooler, amongst all other animals that are currently in process.  Changing an order would decrease/increase product amounts, and several things are dependent on the original order (staffing, pick-up date, oven capacity, etc.)  We understand that you may have forgotten to order something, the person who you sent in to drop off gave an incorrect order, or you may have changed your mind after discussing with others.  However, by explaining our processing system to you we hope you can better understand our reasoning and why it is not feasible for us to do an order change.

Keep in mind that if you need to add custom products, you can always bring back any frozen burger/steaks/roasts during regular receiving hours (Sep/Dec/Jan) and have additional products made. 

Thank you for your cooperation with this.


Drop off Hours (Appt. Required)

OFF SEASON ............ JAN 31AUG 31
EARLY SEASON........... SEP 1 OCT 6
PEAK SEASON............ OCT 7NOV 28
Mo - Su BY APPT ONLY6 am - 1 pm
LATE SEASON............. NOV 29JAN 30
Mo-Su BY APPT ONLY8 am - 12 pm

Pickup Hours for Completed Orders

FEB 2024SEP 2024


ALL ORDERS MUST BE PICKED UP ON YOUR ASSIGNED PICKUP DATE AND HOURS TO AVOID STORAGE FEES...Please be considerate of our storage policy that will be enforced due to space and cost!!!!  If you do not pick up on your designated date and time, please call the pickup department for updated hours as these change weekly based on the volume.    



Online reservation required                                                      

for ALL drop offs!

(up to 2 days in advance)

book now





Steves Meat Market, Inc

5751 Olde Wadsworth Blvd
Arvada, Colorado 80002

(303) 422-3487

Get Directions

Steve's Meat Market Tour

Welcome! Our facility underwent a major renovation in 2005. We doubled the capacity of our plant to accommodate more animals than ever before! Everything is processed on site using Steve's own recipes.
Our drive thru game receiving department is large enough to accommodate the "hunting rigs" and tall enough to unload a full moose carcass.
Once unloaded, you will step inside to give us detailed cutting instructions and order custom sausage or jerky products. If you are unsure, we offer a large variety of products to sample.
After taking your order, your animal will be sanitized, pressure washed, identification tagged, and railed into a 38 degree holding cooler.
We de-bone all carcasses, trim off all fat, and remove any trauma tissue or fragmented bone matter.
Steaks are cut to the customer’s specifications. Our standard thickness is approximately 3/4 inch.
All burger is double ground through a set of tandem grinders. This system allows us to quickly grind your burger, keeping it cold and fresh.
A beautiful final grind! Have it your way, we can add beef suet or pork trim to your burger, we recommend 10%.
Wild Game Burger is conveniently packaged in 1 lb. poly chubs and immediately placed in freezer.
Regardless of type, your wild game links are commercially prepared with modern U.S.D.A. approved equipment.
Snack Stix are being extruded into a synthetic casing.
All primals are labeled, then vacuum sealed to maximize freezer shelf life.

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Freezer Storage Fee


When we opened our business at this location in 1990, our production of game was at an easily manageable number. We were able to negotiate a pickup date with our customers with some flexibility. Within five years, our game processing business had grown by 200%. It was at this time we had to develop a "storage fee" policy to ensure that we were able to take the maximum number of carcasses daily, trusting that the orders would be picked up in a timely manner. Even though our freezer is 75 ft x 12 ft, we are at capacity during the hunting season at any given time. This is the nature of a seasonal business, as some of you may know.  

The "storage fee" that we charge to store your animal and keep it frozen is minimal compared to the inconvenience that it creates when we have to minimize the number of carcasses coming in, ultimately effecting other hunters who also want to drop off a carcass.

Our typical turn-around time for processing during the peak season is approximately 1 week. At the time the animal is dropped off, you are given a specific pick-up date and pick-up hours for the specific pick-up date.  Our "storage fees" are explained and this information will also be printed on your copy of the work order, which is signed by the person that you entrusted to drop off your meat. If the meat is dropped off by someone other than the hunter, it will be the hunter's responsibility to get a copy of the claim ticket and understand the pick-up procedure so that we can try to accommodate as many hunters as possible. We understand that things come up and you can't get to the shop...it happens to all of us, but please comply with the policy and pay the fee so that you can get home and enjoy the meat, and we can get another animal into the freezer! We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding of this policy!  


Meet the Family


When I began processing game in the mid 80's, my entire staff was two to four employees. I remember my son Ryan standing on a milk crate skinning a deer, my daughter Amy wrapping steaks with locker paper using an ink pad and rubber stamp to mark the type of product in the package, and my wife Karen coming to the shop each day after she completed work at her "regular" job to call customers and advise their orders were ready for pickup. I knew every customer by their first name, remembered that they preferred steaks a little on the thick side or to make their Italian sausage a bit more spicy. I knew when their children shot their first deer or that one of them was up to 10 points in unit #201 for the dream elk hunt, and I sincerely miss that relationship with my customers. Looking back on it now, I can say those were the "Good Ol' Days." While we try to manage our extremely successful game processing business, I can assure you that my staff and I continue to process your game with the same passion that I had 30 years ago. (There are just a lot more of you now!)

I am asked why we have such short receiving hours. For example: If you have been here and seen us receive 200-400 antelope in four to five hours on opening weekend of antelope season, you must understand that it is my responsibility to properly clean, refrigerate, process, freeze, and return this meat to you in one week. If I extend my hours to receive more than I can properly handle, I am setting my business up for failure. We need to receive animals at a proper pace and know when we can't handle any more. As the owner, I monitor the production at all times. I feel that Steve's Meat Market is the premier wild game processing plant providing a good value & excellent product.

Thanks to all of our loyal & first time customers!!  I greatly appreciate your patronage.

Recapturing the Past


Steve's Meat Market has undergone an extreme facade makeover candidate in Olde Towne Arvada and has been restored to its Historic splendor.


The building located at 5751 Olde Wadsworth Blvd. historically known as the "Evans and Black Livery Stable" was originally built in 1890. In 1931 the building's use was changed to Blacksmithing and was known as "Arvada Blacksmithing Shop." The building was home to Arvada Iron Works from 1946-48, Lincoln Cab Company in 1957, and Arvada Tire and Brake in 1962.

Restoration was based on a photograph discovered by Dennis Culligan with Culligan Construction who performed the renovation. The photograph was our building in 1913 when it was still a livery stable. The "new look" creates a presence of identity, a building with character that will continue to develop over time.

In 2005, Steve's Meat Market was awarded Arvada's "Business of the Year." This award was based on significant renovation of a Historic Building Business Expansion, Investment and Personal Commitment to Historic Olde Towne Arvada and Community Spirit.


Steve's Stories


Kodiak Bear- Taken May 17, 2008 by Steve. This Bear squared 9'11", Skull measured 27 6/16", Weighed approximately 900 lbs and currently stands 7'4" tall. This Bear is displayed at Steve's Meat Market. The outfitter was Raven Guide Service in Sitka, Alaska, owned by Scott McLeod. Taxidermy work was done by longtime friend, Karl Devrous.

This big bull elk was taken with a muzzleloader near Evergreen in 2004. He is just a dandy bull at 7x8. He grossed 375, had a net score of 356. My friend, Rick Gaccetta (owner of Best Bet Taxidermy), called him in for me.  

This cinnamon-colored bear is one that I took in Colorado. I was hunting with good friends Bill and Mike Lancaster in Glenwood Canyon with a firearm.

This mountain lion was taken on my third attempt near Grape Creek which is west of Canyon City. I was hunting with guide, Mike Gillis of Megabucks Outfitters.

The mule deer seen here was taken near Morrison, Colorado, and is the best deer that I have harvested with a bow and arrow. He is 5x6, about 25-26 inches wide. I was hunting with a good friend, Bob Love.

The top right bull was taken many years ago while I was hunting with friends, Ernie and Paul Stewart, in Granby, Colorado. It was a gross score of 315. It brings back fond memories and reminds me of how tough it can be hunting public ground. It was a great experience.

The bull on the bottom left was a result of many years of putting in for preference points. It took 15 points to draw the public permit to hunt this elk. The bull is 7x8 and was taken on the Hill Ranch. Mike Lancaster was helping me (accompanied by my son, Ryan) locate this bull and it is many thanks to Mike that made this kill successful. Out of all the hunters that year on the Hill Ranch, this was the second best bull taken. He had a gross score of 378 and netted 373.

This buffalo is really nothing special. Buffalo, in general, are big and dumb and that's why so many are killed. They are massive animals, a lot of fun to hunt. It was an exceptionally good buy as the rancher was liquidating his herd up in Wyoming.

This buck is a nice wide deer, about 28 inches wide, 5x5, taken down by Westcliff with friend Mike Coleman and an old school buddy, Michael Ballistreri. Definitely a lot of fun on this hunt. I snuck up on him from a mountain top, saw him down and took him right in his bed...he never knew what hit him.

The animal on the bottom is an Audad, a "poor man's sheep". I went down to Texas where they were free ranging. Quite a challenge and a lot of fun to hunt. They have great eye sight and have definitely adapted well to the environment down there. I was hunting with Nathan Tekell, (a fellow that I hunted with in Old Mexico a few times for whitetail deer) a real nice guy who really knows how to rattle up them bucks!

This antelope is the best buck I have taken. I was hunting with Les Olhauser down around Kim, Colorado, quite a few years ago. It is just about 1/8 inch under 16 and scored in the low 80's but he was a lot of fun. I was on the hunt with my wife, Karen, son, Ryan, friend, Brad Parkhill and his wife, Jessie, and good ol' "one-shot" Les who has about a million stories to share with everyone.

This wall is just a hodge-podge of some sheep, goat, bear, and antelope.

The top left is a Rocky Mountain big horn sheep. I was hunting with G&B Taxidermy owner, Gary Bohochek, down by Salida. He put in many years for sheep, could not draw one, and picked this area because he felt he would at least draw a license in there. There were 20 or 21 hunters that year and only two managed to take a sheep. It was Gary that helped me find this ram... he is a great guy and famous bow hunter.

Top middle is a stone sheep that came out of British Columbia many years ago, in the early 80's, with an outfitter named Bobby Ball. It was an old traditional hunt, riding in on horses. It was booked through Atchinson and was my first guided hunt. On this trip I managed to take a goat (bottom right) which measured a little over 9 inches, a stone sheep, and a bear on the same hunt. I was extremely fortunate to have booked the trip many years ago and experience hunting the right way.

Top right is a dall sheep that came out of Bill Stevenson's area (just north of Anchorage). I was hunting in the Wrangell Mountains and hunted quite a few days. Things didn't work out but I was able to extend my hunt a couple of more days, was persistent about it, and spent the night below these dall sheep (with seven rams) in a little creek bed. While we were going to bed, we watched a grizzly bear digging up rodents and a herd of caribou on the far side of the hill. I had been in Alaska for about 19 days prior to taking this sheep. I was on Kodiak Island and took the deer in the right corner with a great group of old friends (Donnie Coxsey, Dave Young, and Jim Oldendorf). We were down on Kodiak Island hunting black-tail deer out of a USGS cabin. It was a fantastic hunt, caught a lot of fish, had a lot of fond memories. After that, we headed to Iliamna and went caribou hunting and that is where I took my first caribou using a gun. I finished up the hunt early, and booked a last-minute sheep hunt (due to a cancellation and good price) with Bill Stevenson. The bottom middle is a goat taken by myself on a hunt with my son, Ryan (who also took a billy that looked almost identical). It is a nice looking goat and was mounted by Rudy Meyers at Tanglewood Taxidermy. The goat was killed on Mt. Bierstat near Mt. Evans; a lot of years of trying to draw that permit, too.

On bottom left is another bear I took while hunting with Pat Lancaster. 

This wall is a small gathering of African animals. I went with my father, Ron to Zimbabwe. We hunted free roaming animals with Dave Mason. It was a plains game hunt, which was all that we could afford at the time, but I was extremely happy to be able to hunt with my father. I took a couple of record book impalas, the blue wildebeest also made book, large cow elund, 3 or 4 warthogs, a real good duiker buck, a kudu that made record book, and a nyala. Both my father and I took a few more impalas. A lot of great days over there back when a hunt was very reasonable and affordable.

This is a tahr (and chamois is barely visible just above him). I went on this hunt with my son Ryan several years ago in New Zealand. We both were able to take some really good stags. I shot a bull that scored about 373 (on display in our pickup department) and Ryan shot a bull that scored 300. We were hunting with Sue and Alan Stewart near Gore. We got to hunt the Alps down there and I think that it will really humble a person, no doubt about it; it is some of the steepest, wildest stuff that I have ever seen. The tahr and chamois, free-ranging animals, are just incredible animals to pursue.

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In 2007, 2010, 2011 and 2012, Steve's Meat Market was awarded the "Top of the Town Meat Market" in 5280, Denver's Mile Hi Magazine. The article reads, "Tucked along Olde Wadsworth Boulevard in Olde Towne Arvada, Steve's offers something a little different- Elk, Deer, Buffalo...... processed on site. If you're a hunter, chances are you have already found this gem, but if not, drop off your game and have us make our excellent sausage and jerky (28 different types)...and the prices are cheap" - (unless, of course, you order too much!!!)

I’m 47 and went hunting for the first time in my life. I did not know what to expect, particularly with the processing part. I gutted, skinned, and quartered my first deer (with the help of a friend) in WY and he said take it to your place to get it processed. All I can say is WOW. I’ll be hunting again and I will definitely be back. You guys are amazing. Thanks for suggesting the sampler package!

Greg F

My husband's hunting buddies turned us on to Steve's for game processing, and we've been hooked ever since. If you're not happy with your careless, dirty, and/or clueless game processor, head on over to Steve's. You're welcome. Traffic often backs up here during hunting season, but it is worth the wait. They'll power-wash the carcass, followed by a quick pass with a flame-thrower device that burns off stray hairs. We've never found a single hair in our meat, and we've probably gone through 300+ pounds of their processed game. Although many animals pass through Steve's, the place doesn't smell like a landfill!!! It actually smells quite appetizing, even in the receiving dock where they wash and single the carcasses. The whole operation is clean, efficient, and professional. These guys know what they're doing, and prices are reasonable. The finished product is vacuum packed and shrink-wrapped, and they even put a net around roasts. When's the last time you saw somebody do that? But their sausages are where they really shine. My favorites are the breakfast sausage and teriyaki snack stix. They also make tasty jerky in both natural which is my favorite (only in retail store) and jerky-shooter style Highly recommend the Sampler Pack which gives you a little taste of everything at a discounted price. If you didn't fill you tag this year, head on over anyway- you can purchase game products from their store. Check out their web gallery at http://www.stevesmeatmarket.com.

Jutta H

(note: Retail products are no longer available)

Steve, You've processed our animals for years and have always exceeded our expectations on the quality and taste of your specialty products.

Best Wishes, Joe W,
Denver, CO

I have been processing three deer a season at Steve's for the past five years and have always been happy. The deer have always been cut the way I requested. I have been helped by both Steve and his wife, and they have been very accommodating, including one warm evening, when they returned to the market to tag in one of my deer after hours so it wouldn't spoil. I would encourage any hunter to have their meat processed at Steve's.

Charles W.

Hello! I am a 13 year old boy and absolutely love Steve's Meat Market! My family and I first heard of you through Tom Martinos referral list and ever since trying you we have been very impressed! You have the most affordable pricing , you have the best meat in the world and your food is made with high quality! I also respect you guys for having to make all of the meat for the customers as I know how hard, and tiring you get! In comparison to other companies that do the same service, I would rank you 10,000 times better since you do a wonderful job on meat choices and since you have the most affordable prices! Congrats on your accomplishments, and keep up the excellent work! You guys rock, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris L.

We are hoping that we are successful and can bring you an elk to process for us. We really like the cleanliness of your facility and the type of packaging you use. We just ate some bison breakfast sausage you processed for us... it was great!


We stopped by here on a whim last Saturday and were very pleasantly surprised. We are always on the hunt for quality fresh sausage, and I think we have found out mark. The visit to Steve's solidified our decision to buy a stand-alone freezer......we plan to stock up and keep our tummies happy.

Jennifer J
Aurora CO

(note: Retail products no longer available)

Just got the package you sent to the troops today. Thank you so much. We really appreciate it. The troops are eating it like it is going out of style. I am pretty sure that the way these folks are eating your jerky, they will be making purchases from your online retail store. On a personal note, I want to thank you for supporting our efforts out here. You didn't have to send any jerky, but you did. You didn't have to send that much jerky, but you did. God Bless you and thank you for helping me to make my troops happy. I will never forget you.

Tim G, US Navy

(note: Retail products no longer available)

Just returned to NYC from a 2 week trip to Avon. My buddy there had shot an elk and you processed it for him. The Polish Sausage and Breakfast Sausage were excellent!!! You folks do a great job. Thanks!

Eric S
New York

Your products and speciality items are always a favorite in our home, even the baby loves your teriyaki stix! The kids absolutely love your stuff and are always asking me when am I going back to Steve's Meat Market to get some more of their favorite items!!! Thank You So MUCH!!!

Kathi W
Littleton, CO

I just wanted to drop you guys a quick note and say that I was thoroughly impressed with how professional your business is ran. From calling on the phone, ease of dropping off my deer, to picking it up when it was scheduled to be complete. Excellent experience and I will be back next year.

Happy customer, Ben G.

Great service. We just found out about Steve's and what a great find. They're SUPER friendly, the facilities are nice and clean and it was an all around great experience.


The BEST meat processing in Colorado! My family has been going to Steve's Meat Market for the past 8 years and have never been unsatisfied with the quality and their reasonable pricing. Steve's Meat Market is by far the best priced in Colorado, and they get it done in a timely fashion so that you can enjoy your tasty treats! My favorites are their Jalapeno jerky and their breakfast sausage! Yum! Thanks Steve

Boulder, CO

I wanted to say thank you, Steve and Karen, for your kindness and generosity today. My dad was truly overwhelmed at your facility and he got in the car and said I think those were the most genuine nicest people I have ever met. Thank you for making your place of business truly an experience. Thank you for your business and even more for your friendship.

Scott W.

Recently one of the police officers in our unit was deployed to Iraq, and will be there for sometime. He blogs us to let us know how he's doing and that all the soldiers in his unit are safe. He recently mentioned that there were 3 soldiers in his unit that got no mail or packages. After talking with them, he sent us a wish list from those soldiers. One of the items on the list was jerky. I immediately thought of Steve's Meat Market and what great jerky you made. I contacted Karen and asked if you would donate 3 packages of your jerky. When I arrived to pick up the packages, she presented me with 3 one-lb packages of jerky. I was total overwhelmed. I sent off the jerky with other items on the wish list and just heard back from Chris. Chris tells me that the soldiers were overjoyed with what was in the packages, but most of all, how great the jerky was. Chris says that's all they talk about. I know Chris thanks you from the bottom of his heart as well as myself, as it really made 3 soldiers day in Iraq.

Mary W.

We lived in Golden, CO for a year, and visited Steve's Meat Market ALL the time for jerky and sausages. We really miss it and as you can imagine, we don't have anything like the meat you have, out here in Hawaii.

Bests, Minti S from Kihei

We want to send a sincere "Thank you" for donating the beef jerky for the troops in Iraq. We stuffed the stockings we had, then I gave the rest of the bag to the Marine Corp League to stuff in their stockings. The troops loved it!

The Model T Ford Club
Mile High Chapter

Dear Steve-
On Saturday, October 2nd, 2010, I came into your store to pick up my antelope from processing. As I told your cashier how I worked all summer to pay for my hunting fees this fall, he was nice enough to give me a discount from my total. Overall, this gentleman was extremely nice. He was polite in every manner, and as we were hauling the meat out the door, he gave me a free camo ball-cap with Steve's Meat Market written on the front of it. With this only being my second time bringing my meat to Steve's (only my second animal that I have harvested), the personnel working there were very friendly. Everything that we have ever ordered from Steve's has tasted great, and have not been disappointed by anything yet.

Anyway, just thought I would drop that note to you guys, and say thanks again. You have my business till the end. Keep up the good work guys!

Thanks again and know that all you do is much appreciated!

Bailey, CO

Steve's is GREAT!
I heard about Steve's from a friend and not sure what to expect. I heard they were a bit unfriendly during their peak seasons but I just visited the shop and they were fantastic! Karen is a jewel, so nice and patient with me while I figured out exactly what types of meat I weanted, and Steve came out and said hello too. Everyone was awesome to deal with and I can't wait to fill my freezer next week! Steve's definitely found themselves a new customer.

Denver, CO



Steve’s Meat Market is a Member of and/or Supports the following Organizations:

  1. NRA Lifetime Member
  2. Colorado Bowhunter Association
  3. Rocky Mounting Big Horn Society
  4. Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
  5. Rocky Mountain Mule Deer Foundation
  6. Safari Club International
  7. Arvada Food Bank
  8. Colorado Association of Meat Processors
  9. Arvada Elks Lodge #2278
  10. Colorado Parks & Wildlife

After the Kill

Immediately Validate Your Carcass Tag

  1. Sign your name with a pen or sharpie on the carcass tag signature line
  2. Detach carcass tag section
  3. Punch out Date, Month & Sex
  4. Secure tag to carcass (NOT antlers) with a cable tie leaving the information visible
  5. Snap a few photos

Field Dress the Animal

  1. Remove internal organs
  2. Split pelvic & remove anal cavity
  3. Split brisket & remove heart, lungs & wind pipe
  4. Leave evidence of sex attached
  5. Get carcass off ground!  Either hang in tree or place several logs under carcass to cool
  6. Separate hind legs so it cools faster
  7. Place pine boughs over exposed meat to keep birds off
  8. Skin as soon as possible 
  9. Place skinned carcass or clean quarters in quality tight woven breathable game bags. Be extra careful to keep flies out before tying ends of game bag.

Treat the meat with care, i.e. DO NOT drag it through debris and expect it to stay clean. Remember, this is your meat so take care of it!  Avoid putting warm meat into plastic bags.  If using ice to cool, we recommend ice blocks in the chest cavity.  DO NOT put meat in a cooler with loose ice...once it melts you have created a bacteria haven and could risk losing the meat. 



(Average Hanging Weights)


  • Buck: 60-70 lbs
  • Doe: 40-50 lbs
  • Fawn: 20-30 lbs


  • Buck: 100-160 lbs
  • Doe: 60-100 lbs
  • Fawn: 30-40 lbs


  • Bull: 250-500 lbs
  • Cow: 200-350 lbs
  • Calf: 60-100 lbs

Approx. Live Weight = Hanging weight x 1.65
(ex:  64 lb Antelope x 1.65 = 105 lb live weight)

Typical Boneless Yield On Whole Carcass

  1. Very clean/Head Shot: 55-60% Yield
  2. Average cleanliness/Heart shot: 50-55% Yield
  3. Dirty carcass, shoulder or hind shot: 45-50% Yield

Do's and Dont's


DON'T: Leave your animal down overnight as you see on many television hunting shows
DO: Try and retrieve your carcass the same day as kill.  Most animals left lying on the ground with organs intact will bone sour or rot overnight

DON'T: Leave the hide on in warm weather (typically daytime high temps over 50 degrees)
DO: Skin your carcass as soon as possible to cool quickly

DON'T: Use inexpensive game bags
DO: Use a quality tight woven cloth game bag to keep flies out

DON'T: Put warm quarters in plastic bags or nylon tarps
DO: Cool quarters in cloth game bags.  Once cool, place in cooler on block of ice and open spicket for proper drainage of water

DON'T: Leave your carcass tag on head or give to taxidermist
DO: Properly validate carcass tag & secure to carcass

DON'T: Transport carcass directly over rear differential of vehicle or in an enclosed topper
DO: Put several logs to elevate meat from vehicle bed or open topper windows for air circulation

DON'T: Assume it is okay to hang your carcass in a tree or garage for several days
DO: Use blocks of ice in chest cavity to store and transport your carcass

DO: Bring along some snack stix on your next fishing trip


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why do you not accept deboned meat or frozen animals at certain points during the season?

A: During the peak rifle seasons, we focus on processing entire carcasses since hunters do not have room to store these in their residential freezers.  Carcasses will ALWAYS get priority as the meat will go bad if it not deboned in a timely manner.  We are at maximum capacity each day.  Not only do we fill up our cooler each day, but our ovens can only produce so much product per day.  Deboned meat that has already been processed at your home, can be kept in a residential freezer until such time when we are not maxed out with carcasses (usually after the 4th rifle season ends).  We do not set ourselves up for failure so we only accept what we can process in a timely fashion.

Q: I debone my animal in the field.  Why will you not cut steaks or roasts from the animal when I bring it in?

A: In general, hunters are not usually meatcutters.  If they were, they could certainly cut their steaks and roasts at the time they debone the animal.  Unfortunately, most who debone their animal in the field are not doing so under sanitary conditions nor is it usually done without cutting through a primal cut.  When the meat is left on the bone, the animal can be hung on a trolley, burnt with a torch, and washed with a power washer.  When the meat is taken off the bone, it is ALWAYS filthy, it cannot hang from a trolley so it requires a lug (of which none are available during the peak seasons as they are full of meat that has been removed from the carcasses in our cooler), and it is almost NEVER cut off the bone correctly.  It is hard to identify the primals when they are cut incorrectly, and it is nearly impossible to clean grass/weeds/twigs, etc, from inside the meat fibers.  If the meat is too dirty, we will not even accept it - we will return it to the hunter.  If you feel that you NEED to debone your animal, then go ahead and cut your own steaks and roasts.  We are more than happy to grind the rest of the meat into any of our custom products.  


RhinOriginalZ (European Mounts & Fish Reproductions)


Skull and Fish Specialist – Offering natural beetle cleaned European Mounts, Leather Wrapped Panel Mounts, restoration and repair work. Our many different custom options can give your trophy a truly unique look which makes us different than all the rest. Great for commemorating a first kill or any memory special to your hunt. For your convenience, you can drop off your head at Steve's Meat Market during their normal business receiving hours (refer to receiving hours page). We also do fish reproductions. Visit our website at www.rhinoriginalz.com for additional information.  You can also check out our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/RhinOsMounts

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 303.427.0113

RhinOriginalz is an independently contracted business. While we endeavor to provide a full range of game processing services for our customers, we cannot be held responsible for the services rendered by independent contractors. Prices are subject to change at any time.

European Skull Mount
Beetle Cleaned, Degreased, Whitened & Sealed
*Average turn around 7-9 months*
Small Game$50-$80
European Display Options
Wood Choice: Oak or Walnut
Ant-Deer / Elk
Metal Wall Hanger$5 / $5
Barnwood$40 / $50
Standard Panel$40 / $50
Deluxe Panel$50 / $65
Skull Hooker$55 / $75
Table Pedestal$75 / $95
Wall Pedestal$65 / $85
Driftwood Wall/Table$75 / $95
Antler Pedestal$90 / $125
Natural Base$165 / $195
Live Edge Panel$65 / $80
Live Edge Antler Pedestal$135 / $185
Leather Panel Mount
Price Includes Wall Panel with Hanger
*Average turn around 7-9 months*
Arrow / WP** / Live Edge
Antelope & Deer$185 / $215 / $225
Elk$235 / $270 / $285
**WP - Wall Pedestal
Custom Work
*Average turn around 7-11 months*
Airbrush Art$15 - $85
Velvet Preserve$55 - $65
Color Antlers$15 - $35
Antique or Marble Stone$45 - $55
Bone Carving/Etching$35 per hour
*Average turn around 7-10 months*
Neck & Skull$135
Neck & Skull on Base$185
Reproduction Fish Mounts
*Average turn around 7-9 months*
$24.50 per inch
Antelope$40 & up
Deer$60 & up
Elk$400 & up
RUSH (turnaround 3-4 months)50% upcharge




Marinade in Zesty Italian Dressing overnight or sprinkle steaks with “Steve’s” homemade seasoning salt (available for sale in our pickup department). Cook to medium (do not overcook).


Use any type of Game Roast. Butter bottom of baking dish and add roast, season with Steve’s seasoning salt and pepper. Cover with chopped onion, pats of butter (about 2 tablespoons). Mix 1 can of cream of chicken soup and 1 can of celery soup together and add 1 chopped onion. Cover dish and bake for 2 to 3 hours at 350 degrees. Serve with Mashed Potatoes. 


Add seasoning salt. Just make patties & grill. Top with your favorite garnishings.



Mix 1 lb. ground game burger, ½ to 1 lb. ground pork, 1 egg, ¼ C breadcrumbs (Italian or Plain), ¼ C milk, 1-2 teaspoons garlic salt, ½ teaspoon pepper, 1 tablespoon worchestershire sauce, ½ C rolled oats, and ¾ C chopped onions. Mix everything together and put in bread pan, cover with bacon. Bake for 1-1 ½ hours until done at 350 degrees.


1 lb. ground game burger, ½ C finely chopped onion, ½ C minute rice, 1 egg, ½ C milk, Steve’s seasoning salt, pepper, brown gravy mix. Mix all ingredients (except for Gravy mix).  Make small balls, brown, turning with tongs so you don’t smash them. Mix 2 C of water with brown gravy mix (as directed on package). Pour over meat and simmer for 1 hour (you will need to add a little water to keep sauce thin while cooking).


  1. Form patty & pan fry. Add a slice of cheese and a cooked egg on top of a toasted buttered English muffin.

  2. Biscuits & Gravy- Brown & chop 1 ½ lbs. of our breakfast sausage in a skillet. In a sauce pan, prepare two packages of white country gravy mix. Bake 1 tube of country biscuits. Add gravy to sausage skillet to get full flavor. Stir together and cover biscuits.


  1. Form a patty & pan fry. Melt a slice of provolone or mozzarella (add green chili strips if desired). Place on a toasted roll and baste with marinara sauce.

  2. Meat Sauce with Pasta- Sautee diced onions in olive oil over medium heat. Once onions soften, add chopped Italian sausage to pan and brown. Add your favorite marinara sauce & simmer. Cook up some al dente pasta & cover with meat sauce.


Make a spicy patty OR loosely brown and mix with eggs and potatoes to make breakfast burritos OR use in a Spanish casserole dish.


Cook in an electric skillet. Heat a splash of olive oil. Brown both sides on medium heat. Cover with lid & steam to 160 degrees internally.


These links are all fully cooked. Just Heat & Eat!

  • Microwave a link for 1 minute or:
  • Warm on grill for 2 minutes per side or:
  • Steam in electric skillet.  Add a little water, cover with lid and warm 2-3 minutes (if the links split, you have cooked them too long but they will still taste great!).


Cook fried potatoes, onions and peppers in skillet. Slice Smoked German or Chorizo Link ¼" thick & stir into pan. Add mixture to tortillas. Cover with shredded cheese & green chile.


  1. Take a fresh bagel smeared with cream cheese. Add a few slices of either sausage and you've got a great sandwich. You can top with garden fresh tomato slices or fresh cucumbers.
  2. Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Both of these meats can be added to a grilled cheese sandwich. Just brown meat on each side and add to sandwich.


Add meat slice to a butter crisp cracker. Smear on spicy honey mustard then squirt canned cheese whiz on top. You can also use sliced cheese.


This burger is ready to go (seasonings are already added).  Just make patties & grill. Top with pickles, onion & barbecue sauce or even add a grilled pineapple ring.


Keep frozen for long-term storage. Eat it right out of the package.


Cut the pack open and stand stix in a coffee cup for 1-2 days.  Let them dry out in room temperature or eat right out of the package.  DO NOT REFRIGERATE AFTER OPENING!!

Nutritional Information

Elk Meat-Raw Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 4 ounces (1.3g)
Calories: 130 Calories from Fat: 15
% Daily Value
Total Fat 1.5g 3%
Saturated Fat 0.5g 3%
Stearic Acid 0g  
Polyunsaturated 0g  
Monounsaturated 0g  
Cholesterol 60mg 21%
Sodium 65mg 3%
Potassium 350mg 10%
Total Carbohydrate 0g 0%
Dietary Fiber 0g 0%
Sugars 0g  
Protein 25mg  
Vitamin A 0% Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0% Iron 15%
Vitamin E 0% Thiamin 20%
Riboflavin 45% Niacin 30%
Vitamin B6 20% Folute 2%
Vitamin B12 110% Pantothenic Acid 25%
Phosphorus 20% Magnesium 6%
Zinc 20% Copper 6%

Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be bigger depending on your calorie needs


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If you have any questions regarding our products or services, please email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you and thanks for stopping by!

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We are located at 5751 Olde Wadsworth in Olde Town Arvada, 12 blocks north of I-70 and 4 blocks west of the Wadsworth Bypass. 

The City of Arvada has made access to our facility with trailers quite difficult.  Please leave your trailer at home or unhook in a large lot prior to entering Olde Town as the roadway is narrow, winding, and extremely difficult to navigate with a trailer.  Access to Steve's is via Olde Wadsworth Blvd southbound ONLY.  You can reach Olde Wadsworth Blvd from 58th Ave (AKA Ralston Rd).

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